Musings on Light

Stillness in Light

Margaret Astrid Phanes


The Dawn of Flame-Beings 
"Mythological Musings Based on a Cosmology of Light"

Pravir Malik (Author), Margaret Astrid Phanes (Illustrator)
“In 'The Dawn of Flame-Beings' – we glimpse a mysterious creator with an eye that flashed light, a contrary beginning manifest as a dark bosom, titans, and pralayas. An emergence of macro space-time-energy-gravity fourfoldness and its micro-counterpart the ever-present priest. There are battles between original darkness and forever emerging light. The birth of flame-beings, the birth of new quantum particles, and new atoms come forth. New molecular plans allow Love to materially reveal more of its fullness. What emerges now is the glorious reign of matter one with spirit, the changing of cosmos manifesting in an unending display of splendor. "The Dawn of Flame-Beings" materializes powers and forces and entities integral to the history and future of the earth and cosmos." 
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