Margaret Astrid Phanes

Light-Force Visual Meditations

Margaret Astrid Phanes composes illuminating graphics as visual meditations. Digital imagery translates the vibration of consciousness into translucent multi-layered forms. As light-force is rendered, energy systems reveal their dynamics, emanations, and transformations. Her Light -Force visual meditations have been presented at conferences, in international publications, and online.


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Margaret Astrid Phanes

Projects / Current

"The Dawn of Flame-Beings" by Pravir Malik, Illustrations by Margaret Astrid Phanes. A full mythology glimpsed in the cosmology of light. Abstract and impersonal mathematical and scientific concepts have been personified to begin to materialize powers and forces and entities integral to the history and future of the earth and cosmos.

Margaret Astrid Phanes

Projects / Recent

“The Dawn of Flame-Beings,” Dr. Pravir Malik and Margaret Astrid Phanes,
February 12, 2023, Cultural Integration Fellowship
“Cosmology of Light,” with Pravir Malik and Margaret Astrid Phanes
June 18, 2022, Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham
“Living Forces & Colors of Shakti,” Pravir Malik and Margaret Astrid Phanes, November 19, 2022, Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham