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Deathless Sun

Imprint of a Deathless Sun
The Effect of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga

Margaret Astrid Phanes

For many years, I practiced Agni Yoga. Its discipline was a light-fire meditation that brought
a descent of higher force from an overhead center; its emphasis was on the illumination and
transformation of consciousness. In hindsight, it provided a framework for understanding and practicing Integral Yoga.
I was teaching this light-fire meditation when I came to the yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
I had previously read a compilation of their writings on Sleep and Dreams, a small book that focused on applied yoga;
but since everything that they wrote opens one up to a spiritual force, an inner connection was made.
Years after that first exposure, I was invited to attend a contemplation and practice study group that centered on their works.
That lasted for ten years.

Integral Yoga introduced me to the psychic being (the inmost soul) and its ability to transform the nature and replace the ego as the center of one’s being.
This had an immense impact on my sadhana. It brought together the descent of conscious-force with Agni, the fire of thepsychic being.
It also emphasized surrender to the Divine Mother and her emanations: knowledge, power, harmony, and perfection.
This brought access to these divine forces as helpers and agents in my life.
Even my first readings of Integral Yoga inspired my artwork. When Sri Aurobindo stated that vision could be closer to truth than thinking,
something in me responded. It confirmed inner experiences that I wanted to express. His writings, and especially his poems, are full of mantric
I once attended a Savitri reading where a line was recited containing the words a deathless sun.
“I have waited all my life to hear about a deathless sun!” I said.
For me the deathless sun can be many things, including the supermind.
There are so many ways to be imprinted by the Divine; this was, for me, one instance.
One way that I measure the impact of Sri Aurobindo’s vision and teachings is to compare artwork that I created before my introduction to Integral Yoga
with work that was inspired afterwards. My early digital photo collages illustrated mythic and symbolic images.
A dominant theme was the heroine’s journey transformed by life-force energy.
As my sadhana progressed, my artwork changed from the mythical and symbolic to states of consciousness
transformed through color, shape, light, and transparency.
Sun, circles, and light took on forms of the Divine, Agni, shakti, the supramental, the soul, and purification through the descent of conscious-force,
the radiance of soul union, and the merging with the Divine.

Sri Aurobindo speaks about three transformations: the psychic, the spiritual, and the supramental.
I came to Integral Yoga with some experience of spiritual transformation. With the guidance of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother,
I opened to the radiance of the psychic transformation.
I aspire to and am inspired by supramental transformation and the opportunity to cooperate with the supramental action in the world.
Through purna yoga (a full or complete yoga), all three transformations provide a sadhana for dynamic progress. All three offer endless
waves of truth, love, and conscious-force.

As purna yoga, Integral Yoga is a yoga of knowledge, devotion, works, and perfection.
No matter which approach I have concentrated on, the outcome has always been unity, peace, and faith.
I am grateful to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for their ongoing and immeasurable help.
Sri Aurobindo’s writings express a vast vision of the individual, the universal, and the transcendent.
Central to this vision is the realization of the individual soul and its evolution.
But it is an interconnected vision in which we are also asked to participate in a collective yoga of
transformation for the evolution of humanity.
We face multiple crises and need these methods of yogic consciousness to clear a path and help shape a new synthesis.
For this, bringing the Divine into our earthly life is essential.
An Integral Yoga practice allows me to fully participate in these new unfoldments.
I am eternally inspired to create by all that is hidden and all that is revealed.

She came out where there shone a deathless sun.
A house was there all made of flame and light
And crossing a wall of doorless living fire
There suddenly she met her secret soul.
—Savitri, Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo,
vol. 34, pp. 525–526