Light-Force Meditation is an experiential spiritual practice. It is deeply influenced by Integral Yoga and Agni Yoga. Agni Yoga is an energy meditation. It uses Light-Fire energy to descend, illuminate, and transform. There is an emphasis on clearing levels and centers of consciousness within the subtle body and energy field.

Integral Yoga teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother combine the Yoga of Knowledge, Devotion, Works, and Self-Transformation. Central to these teachings are spiritual and soul-force transformation and surrendering to the Divine Mother or Divine Shakti. There is also a receptivity of higher and inner states of consciousness to cleanse and free the conditioned nature.

Both Integral Yoga and Agni Yoga work with the descent of light-energy, or conscious force. Meditations focus on the transformation of the nature for inner growth and working in consciousness for healing on all levels, personal, collective, and planetary. My visual meditations have evolved as my meditations and contemplations have deepened.