Integral Yoga

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Darshan

Sri Aurobindo, yogi, poet, and philosopher, was the Founder of Integral Yoga.
The Mother, Mirra Alfassa, was his spiritual collaborator.
"In our yoga the evolution through sattwa is replaced by the cultivation of
equanimity, samata, and by the psychic (soul) transformation."
          -- Sri Aurobindo


Radiant-Force Meditation, a form of conscious-energy meditation, concentrates awareness on the flow and radiance of light-force power for transformation and inner growth.

8 suns

Meditation connects to our true or authentic self. It brings clarity, harmony, strength, and peace to the many parts of our being. The Yoga of Transformation is a process of integration and wholeness.

Margaret Astrid Phanes has led concentration energy meditations for 30+ years.

Power of Love

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7 Sun Chakras

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Chakra Meditations 7

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Soul Center

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