Integral Yoga

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother DarshanSri Aurobindo, yogi, poet, and philosopher, was the Founder of Integral Yoga.
The Mother, Mirra Alfassa, was Sri Aurobindo's
spiritual collaborator.


Yoga Meditation or Energy Meditation concentrates conscious life-force energy for inner light and healing. Energy Meditation comes from the Integral Yoga tradition of Shakti force-energy.

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Concentrating awareness and energy in different parts
of our nature transforms and aligns us with our authentic self or true being. Meditation replenishes depleted energy, gives perspective and inspiration, and frees our beliefs and patterns for truer meaning.

As we connect with our deep inner self, there is a descent or radiance of healing force, a presence, calm, and peace from a higher and wider consciousness. From within our soul center, we receive love, inner strength, clarity, and renewal.

Margaret Astrid Phanes, has taught meditation for 25+ years in classes and conferences.

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